How to Uninstall virus warning and fake virus alert popup.

Tips to uninstall and remove fake virus alerts and pop-up from Windows 7, 8 & 10

Being a dangerous malware program, has been characterized as a fake search engine that do have capability to mess up the entire targeted PC. It on the compromised browser's screen claims to be a legitimate search engine such as that of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. However in reality a disastrous program crafted to make illegal money from innocent PC users. This threat is capable of corrupting all the most popular web browser programs such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Microsoft Edge etc. enters in the PC via implementing number of deceptive tricks and techniques. Most commonly comes bundled with the programs and applications offered at free cost and get installed in the PC at the time when rookie PC users without paying close attention to the installation process, just directly accept all the mentioned terms and conditions. Hence, to restrain the occurrence of this scenario it is suggested to read the users agreements thoroughly and not to rush to press the 'Next' button until complete verifying that the program is safe. once loaded, irritates the users on huge extent by flooding the browser's screen with endless annoying popup ads. Apart from this, changes the default browser's settings and reroutes their searches to several malicious domain. This infection sniff the user's confidential information and transfer it to the online hackers for unethical purpose. It slows down the PC's speed and the Internet speed badly by taking up plenty of system resources and networking resources respectively. So, obviously to restrain such undesired modification and redirection issues, an immediate removal of is needed.


Harmful Consequences Of is actually an executable file or program having potential to self-replicate itself as well as self modify within the system with the sole intention of being disruption of the computer operation. This threat after getting complete infiltration inside the PC multiply itself within the machine’s network, memory or storage area.

Various hazardous consequences of Virus are as follows:

3d human carry a big tool in hands

Unusual Browser Activity – annoys the users on huge extent via bombarding their browser’s screen with endless pop-up ads. Apart from that it modifies the browser’s startup page to several unfamiliar website containing other vicious codes. This threat also blocks the user’s access to several security websites with updates or information on the complete elimination of viruses. It often proliferate several other harmful infections inside the PC via disabling the already existing anti-virus programs.
Replication – It has been found that one of the primary objective of is to propagate it’s infections in as many systems as possible. Regarding this purpose it replicated itself by attaching to their files on the PC. The most common method used by to spread it’s infection to other PC is via sending out email messages with an infected attachments to everyone in the address book.

Corrupted data – Often the data present on the compromised PC becomes corrupted. This is either done via virus attaching itself to files which renders the files unusable in the procedure or via viciously destroying the data. Generally the files or folders on the infected PC are either deleted outright or become inaccessible. In this case while attempting to launch an application an error message get displayed stating that the file not being found or not being valid. This can often lead to the operating system not starting because of missing or corrupted files.

Decelerated computer performance – Actually on getting successful infiltration inside the PC consumes large amount of available hard drive space. These makes the PC’s speed excessively slow. Because of this the boot time of PC becomes much slower than usual and along with the programs also takes much longer time to launch itself. This often causes frequent system crashes or freezes. It is also a very common symptom of infected PC to restart unexpectedly or generate strange error messages.

Violation of private information – in order to spy on the user’s browsing activities place the tracking cookies onto the browsers and accommodate their sensitive stuff such as financial details, login ID, password etc. Then the sensitive stuff is revealed to the online hackers for bad purpose.

Installation of other vicious threats – downloads and install several other vicious infections inside the PC via deactivating the pre-installed firewall and security programs in the system.

Printer issues – Sometimes the virus infiltration in the PC disables the users to get their documents printed correctly.

english-downloadManual Removal Method To Uninstall from PC:

Though is a stubborn computer threats so you are advised to instantly uninstall it from your computer. If you have good command over computer and sound knowledge in computer settings and all then you can go for manual removal. Otherwise ask from your family or friends members who is technically sound in computer. Manual removal is risky methods, where users can unknowingly remove other important files from their computer that can generate other troubles for your PC which is beyond of your control. You have to delete its all files from Control Panel and web browser one by one. Here are the detailed instruction, how to uninstall infection by your own from PC Control Panel. So, follow each steps carefully on your own risk.

From Windows XP and Windows 7

  • Click on Start Button


  • Select Control Panel
  • Select Programs
  • Select Uninstall Program

Locate “” or choose all unknown toolbar or unwanted software and eliminates it.

From Windows 8

  • Press Windows key+ Q (Alphabet letter) together and let it go.
  • Select search Button and type Control Panel


  • Select Programs.

Uninstall all the Programs that your haven’t download or that looks suspicious.

After removing from system control panel, now you also have to remove it from all web browser one by one.

Remove from internet browser applications

Browser including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer easily get infected with this infection. So, it is necessary to remove all the malicious add-ons, extension, plug-ins from the browser.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Launch Mozilla Firefox web browser.


  • Move to tool
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Select Extensions

Select the extensions related to from the list and click on the remove button.

Restart Firefox browser:

  • Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Click Tools
  • Move to extensions

Select all the extensions that are relates to and, click on the Trash button.

Restart the Google Chrome

  • Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Find Tools or Gear sign and click on it
  • Move to Manage Add-ons

Choose the items related to as well as unfamiliar entries and remove it.

Restart the Internet Explorer

If still getting pop-ups ads means it exist in hidden form and you unable to uninstall it manually. So, better to go for third-party removal tool.

How to Clean Shortcut Files & Temporary Files Associated with has been categorized as harmful Ransomware virus which can enters to your system without any approval. When it invade to your PC, it will crash up your all files and folder which you have saved into your Computer. It can comes into your PC with the fake download, via Spam email attachments, sharing peer to peer files, while clicking on any malicious sites and many more. This virus will encrypt your all files like .doc, .xls, .ppt, .cdr, .jpg, .docx, .eps and many more stored on System. After encryption of your files they will ask you to pay money to decrypt them. The cyber criminal is responsible for releasing these type of rogue program and execute in all type of Windows version. will create many short cut files of your random files and spread itself into PC. Your all files will be encrypted with the public key that will transfer to your computer via Internet. It has created by cyber criminal which can collect your all personal information such as login ID, IP address, cookies, your phone number, signature, credit card number bank account details and many more. Later they will send your all details to the third party for illegal purpose. will destroy your all type of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows VISTA etc. even you will not able to start up and shut down your system in a proper way. has been classified as a ransom lock virus that it will demand for a fixed amount of ransom within fixed time. It will damage your all type of Browser Hijackers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Big, Yahoo, Opera Mini and so on. After inserting this virus into System, You will see that your random files are become shortcut files & Temporary Files. Once it comes to your system it will encrypts files including pictures, videos, audios, music, words, excels ans others. is very harmful and powerful infection which is supported by remote hackers to lock up computer screen. It can invade directly and display fake warning to download apps and later they will ask for money. So you will face many problems and pay money again and again to restore your files. Be careful while downloading any free software from unsafe sites, its better to download from their official websites. For that you will search for that how to remove shortcut files & Temporary Files from your system then can be removed by manual method. But manual methods will take too much time, if you are technical expert then you can use this method. Otherwise It is suggested you to use free scanner tool and make your PC infection free.

How to Scan and Uninstall Automatically has been identified as harmful program whose main purpose is to destroy your all random files which you have saved into your System. If your system is affected by this virus then you can use manual removal guide. If manual method is taking too much time then you can go through Free Scanner tool. Free Scanner tool is the best tool which can remove all the malware from your targeted system.

User Guide of Scanner:

Scanner is one of the most reliable and innovative tool to remove any kind of virus threats from the infected computer system. This tool has the potential to delete even hidden malicious codes of virus infection. This tool provides a real time protection to your Windows PC against spyware or virus infection. It comes with several advanced features which makes this tool powerful. It contains advanced anti-removal techniques which blocks the suspicious files to download and untrusted websites to open. Scanner automatically scan the entire infected PC and display the list of infected files and threats on the system screen. It facilitates the DNS protection and effectively scan each area of the system including registry, cookies, disk memory, browsing data and so on.

Step 1 : Quick scan: Download and install Free Scanner Tool, after that when installation is complete, click on scan computer option to start your PC scanning, It will scan your system and detect threats which enters into your system.


Step 2 : Spy-ware Help-desk: It can help you to sort out all the problems related to your Computer.


Step 3 : System Guards: It will protect against all related threats and block the malicious entry from any virus.


Step 4 : Network Sentry: It can help you to protect your System network connectivity and block the modification.


Step 5 : Scan Scheduler: It can help you to scan your system at Pre-set time. It can provide you to scan your PC on daily, weekly or on monthly basis.


Step 6 : Custom Scan Settings: It can scan desire elements such as registry, memory, cookies, files etc.


Step 7 : Backup: This feature can help you to restore your lost data at any time.


Step 8 : Exclusions: It is the advance system protector which can fix all registry errors easily and quickly.


Step 9 : General Settings: This feature will give you several ways to customize the operation of Free Scanner Tool and also give you the instruction in order to register for the full version of Free Scanner Tool.
With the help of above user guide you can easily protect your system from virus or spyware and this tool also provide a complete protection to your system from future system threats.

Prevention tips for in Future: virus is very dangerous program which has the ability to replicate itself and gets distributed from one computer to other. This infection may cause system damage and can infect system objects like document files, programs etc. Thus, to protect your computer from destructive virus threats, you need to take some strict action which are as follows :

Keep-your-email-safe1) Do not open unknown email attachments – virus threat easily infiltrate into the system when you open spam email attachment. Thus, it is suggested not to open any kind of unknown email message as it may contain virus.

2) Download software or files from verified sites – If you download a file or a program from suspicious or un-trusted websites from the Internet, then virus might get slips to your computer. Often, freeware or shareware programs contain viruses and therefore downloading free programs from unsafe resources might be dangerous.

remove-corrupts-_amp_-renames-files-800x8003) Scan computer with suitable anti-virus program – To keep your computer safe from dangerous virus infection, it is necessary to download and install an anti-virus program. But remember, always keep the program up to date in order top defend your computer against malware or spyware. Regular scan of computer with this tool will keep the infection away from the system.

4) Use computer firewall – Firewall is one of the important settings of a system which help alert you to suspicious or strange activity when virus threat try to connect to your PC. Firewall provide a protection to the system and stop worms, viruses etc from downloading any harmful program to your computer.

8208725) Keep your computer updated – Always keep your operating system up-to-date whether you are using Linux, Mac OS X, Windows or any other. You must provide a strong password to access it. Never connect your system to an open Wi-Fi and always use WPA2, WPA encryption.

6) Enable pop-up blocker in your browser – A pop-up blocker helps to protect your Windows from You can find pop-up blocker on the top of the website.

restore-pic17) Use Windows System restore – Restore your computer to its previous state before your system get infected from virus. This process will help you to keep safe the data stored in your PC.

8) Avoid using open Wi-Fi – Users are advised not to use the free open or non-encrypted Wi-Fi. Accessing free Wi-Fi might result in malware issue.