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How to Uninstall 0800-015-4654 pop-ups virus warning and fake virus alert popup.

Tips to uninstall and remove 0800-015-4654 pop-ups fake virus alerts and pop-up from Windows 7, 8 & 10

0800-015-4654 pop-ups is designed to replicate the Blue Screen of Death window which is a common and irritating issue of Windows system. The main intention behind generating tis pop-up is to make user scare and create money from that. Once this pop-up appears on your computer then it works as a locking screen and you cannot access until you minimize the browser, close it or switch to a new tab. According to the researcher that these symptoms are generated by a malicious JavaScript code which is embedded in 0800-015-4654 notifications. It seems to be a legitimate error message but in real it is not.

Microsoft has not generate this error message in your PC. It is a kind of scam generated by the swindlers to make money. Once this threat get success in making user believe it as a legitimate message then it provide a number 0800-015-4654 to call on it for technical help. But you should not believe on such fake message. Because you may become victim of the technical support scam. If you call on that given number then the hackers will demand money from you before providing any help. They also want the access of your PC in order to solve the false issue.

But you should never do that because once give access of your PC then they will install some more infection into it. Apart from that hackers can also steal your personal files and use it in illegal way for some income. Generally it is distributed through spam email which seems to be send by some security software. So avoid opening such email message. You should also avoid opening shorted links and suspicious web-pages. Through this way you can only prevent the threat but if it has already infected your PC then you have the only option and that is removal of 0800-015-4654 pop-ups.

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