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How to get rid off Search.webbappsearch.net from your system

Threat Analysis

Name: Search.webbappsearch.net
Type: Browser Hijacker
Danger level: Medium
Symptoms: switch your web page to other malicious sites
Distributed: junk emails
Removal tool: scan with an anti-virus application

Search.webbappsearch.net is a fatal and pernicious browser hijacker which silently infiltrate in your system by using deceptive tricks. This nasty threat switches your homepage, search engine, default browser and new tab with its main page. It is categorized as a Potentially Unwanted program(PUP). This dubious virus affected your most popular used web pages including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and so on. This hazardous infection injects malign codes in the system registry and causes many several problems in your system. Due to the presence of this virus, it modifies your web browser and system settings. It shows a lot of irritating and annoying pop-ups, advertisements, offers, commercial ads on your browser which sponsored the online products.


Search.webbappsearch.net easily infiltrate into your system via spam emails attachments, peer to peer file sharing, malicious links, unwanted sites, torrent websites, bundled with free software and many more. It also installed in your system by visiting porn sites and clicking on malicious links. Once it penetrates into your system, it badly damaged your System through this infection. This virus also deletes your all-important saved files which are stored in your derive. This threat gathered your personal information using such as IP address, id, password, online banking data, credit card number, browsing history etc.

Search.webbappsearch.net scan with genuine anti-virus application. Read users review before installation and avoid to visit untrusted sites. It is recommended to remove it immediately from Pc for further safe use.

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