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How to Uninstall 844-763-5838 Scam virus warning and fake virus alert popup.

Tips to uninstall and remove 844-763-5838 Scam fake virus alerts and pop-up from Windows 7, 8 & 10

If you also see 844-763-5838 Scam poping up on your system then you must need to be focus because your computer is attacked by a malware. However the pop-up not download infection or damage your computer, but it is totally misleading and created for scam. You may get this threat on your system while browsing some web-page or your computer is already infected by some adware. This pop-up get launched by an executable file known as “em.exe” which was designed by cyber criminals. To pop-up on your computer it doesn't requires the Internet connection. So if you keep seeing this pop-up on your screen then you need to delete it.

Once this unwanted program get installed in your system then you will regularly get warning message related to the security of your system such as “Your computer is infected by virus”. After that 844-763-5838 Scam pop-up appears as a help support which claims to help you to remove the virus. But you should not believe and call on the number. This number is for scam you and once you call on that then hackers will demand money and access of your PC before providing any help. If you provide access of your computer then hackers can do many unwanted things on it.

The executable file of this unwanted program was found in the %AppData%\Event directory. Apart form that it can also bring some more issues on your system. It can also able to track your online activities and gathering your sensitive information. Usually it get dropped in your system by some adware or other unwanted program. So avoid installing freeware on your system or visiting malicious site. If you don't want to experience more issue and keep your computer safe from further damage then remove 844-763-5838 Scam quickly form your system.

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