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Effective Method to Remove DuckDuckGo from PC

Hey, today I visit my friend’s house and he told me that his browser was infected with DuckDuckGo. Every time he removes this threat from browser, it will appear again. It can alter the browser settings and slow down the system. Please help him to get rid out from this problem. Thanks in advance.


DuckDuckGo is dangerous threat that can be classified as browser hijacker. It is mainly created by cyber crooks with main purpose to make illegal money from innocent users. once it enter into the PC, it will alter your browser settings including home page, new tab page and search engine and redirect your search result to malicious web page. It will replace your legitimate search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo with DuckDuckGo.com. After redirection, it will display lots of pop-ups and advertisement that irritate the users. It can also promote the third party products and generate revenue for sponsored links. Even if you set up your browser again, you will again see DuckDuckGo.com on the home page.

DuckDuckGo is mainly spread via spam email attachments, free software download from suspicious source, clicking on malicious ads, visiting suspicious sites like porn and torrent sites and much more. Also this web browser hijacker also installs malicious extension, add-ons and plug-ins that will open advertising and pop-up and make the browser dull. After infiltration, it will mess up with DNS as well as system settings that can install other adware or malware threat into the system. It can also block anti-virus and other security tools to hide itself into the system for a long time. Through this virus cyber criminals monitor your online activities and track your browsing details.

This browser hijacker is no nasty that can able to collect all your vital information and send to cyber criminals for misuse. It can also consume lots of space of system resources that can degrade the performance of PC. So, it is hardly advised that never open junk emails from unknown senders and never install or download software from third party sites. Read terms and condition carefully before installation, Therefore, it is strongly recommended you to delete DuckDuckGo from the PC immediately.

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