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An easy way to remove Apophis Ransomware from infected PC.

Apophis Ransomware basically belongs to critical virus horizon which is categorized as Ransomware. This is a new variant of Jigsaw Ransomware. This creepy virus is detected in the third week of April 2018. This is programmed by the nasty crooked hacker team with the sole aim to extort money from innocent or novice users of the internet era. This is developed by using strong AES and RES algorithm. It is mainly designed for decrypting the user’s crucial files like document files, database, image gallery, personal notes, music, videos, and ebooks. The chances of recognizing encrypted files are high because trojan places a marker on encrypted files and documents. This virulent parasite will append the file name with .fun extension like ‘Vanoise National Park.docx’ is renamed as ‘Vanoise National Park.docx.fun’. This ransomware after encrypting the files displays a scary ransom note that says:

Apophis Ransomware

‘Your files have been encrypted by Apophis Team!
Your file has been encrypted by AES 256 file algorithm, which is not reverted easily! XD
Forgetting the decrypted file contact at Twitter:@apophissquadv2 Web:apophissquad[.]ru Maker:P13x13t
[see encrypted files BUTTON]
send $500 worth of Bitcoin here:
{I made a payment, now give me back my files! BUTTON}

The nasty hackers will also leave some destructive files on the targeted system, which is given below:


Apophis Ransomware will infiltrate virus through various malignant ways such as by clicking on spam email attachments, by accessing the remote server, by downloading movies from the torrent site and suspected links, downloading freeware software, shareware, spyware, etc. After successful encroachments on victim system, starts several disastrous activities like delete shadow volume of system files, delete system restore files, disable task manager, disable anti-virus, breach firewall security, lock system files, steal all confidential files, stores bookmark details, login credentials, internet surfing history details also collected by this creepy virus, so that used further for forging money from users. Hence, when you detect Apophis Ransomware virus on your system, uninstall Apophis Ransomware immediately from PC.


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