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Delete Greatsearch.org browser hijacker by removal tool software.

Delete and uninstall Greatsearch.org browser hijacker,Malware From Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Are you getting your homepage and search webpage changed to Greatsearch.org? Are you unable to browse Internet easily? Are you getting slow Internet speed? Well, then continue reading the post and get ultimate solution to remove Greatsearch.org from PC effectively.


Greatsearch.org is yet another malicious domain that present itself to users as a search portal claiming to give the best search results. At glance the webpage look convincing as well as incorporate quick links to popular web services like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia. Many user gets impressed with its interface but security researchers found this as malicious domain that only mission is to cheat money from computer users. It's found that associated with a browser hijacker that basically comes into your system as browser add-on named 'GreatSearch.' The very malicious domain is part of network of untrusted search engines that is hosted on the IP address. With all the bad intention to earn profit in illegal money through generating revenue through generating traffic to some malicious domain and showing sponsored ads cyber criminals created this nasty program and also distributed it widely over Internet in order to maximize profit.


Greatsearch.org is nasty domain that is created on 2017-01-27 and last time gets updated on 2017-03-29. The domain is hosted on IP address and IP location is Zuid-holland – Maasdijk – Worldstream B.v. Normally it comes inside your CP through bundled with freeware program or sneaks through updating outdated application following redirect links. Clicks to suspicious ads and offers, sharing data using infected drive or in open network or nevertheless opening or downloading spam email attachments are some common intrusion methods. It totally hampers online activity as it cause unwanted redirection and too slows down Internet speed. It is too capable to monitors Internet activity. Hence it is strongly recommended to delete Greatsearch.org from PC immediately.  

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